We bring the tangible and digital together.

Whether you run a design or art related business (studio) or as an individual after years of hard work you want to reward yourself with a custom sculpture, we have everything in house. 

Multiple years of working with 3D technology and production / manufacturing methods make us the right partner with whom you can make your vision – reality.

Asking yourself how we can help?

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3D scanning

In order to digitize existing objects and human body we use medical-grade 3D scanning technology. This equipment allows us to capture ultra-high resolution scans which can be later 3D printed or used in visualizations, animations, AR/VR.

3D printing

We have multiple years of experience with 3D printing and optimizing processes. Starting with the most recognizable FDM (plastic filament) method through SLA (resin) to SLS (laser sintering). We can make a cost-effective prototype or a durable final product.

3D modeling (CAD)

We work with industry-compatible 3D software allowing us to easily transform 2D sketches into 3D models and make further product visualizations or animations.

Custom Sculptures and Gadgets

For individual clients we offer fully personalized effigies and other custom gadgets. We can either make a 3D scan of a body (or torso) or 3D sculpt the torso from reference photos.
The sky is the limit and you are the pilot!

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