3D Support for Artists and Designers

Working with other creative minds is very fulfilling and stimulates building up of new neuronal connections in our brains, we love to explore and learn. Together with artists and designers we find new ways to implement 3D in their workflow and discover earlier unthought-of solutions.

Physical / Digital busts

Personal effigies have been with us for millennia. They remind us of our ancestors, capture moment in time and immortalize people close to us. Sculpture making process was always very expensive, now with 3D scanning and 3D sculpting we can drop the costs and let everyone order their own sculpture, perfect for a gift!

3D Model asset base

In between projects we are step by step digitizing different objects to create a 3D asset base. Our models will undoubtedly enrich architectural visualizations, cyberpunk render scenes and save a lot of our client's time!

Augmented Reality

Buckle up! More coming soon!

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