Discover what we did before!

We have put the most interesting things together so you can get a good overview. You will find more on our social media!

Hubert the python

One of our clients wanted to try digitizing his python, named Hubert! It was a difficult one (Hubert was impatient) but at the end we were all happy with the results!

3D Scan: Alocasia Wentii

One of our high quality 3D models on the popular platform Sketchfab, you can use it for visualizations and animations!

NestEgg Labs

We were approached by guys from NestEgg Labs with the question if we can 3D print custom, pop art effigies for their new office. Sure we can! Welcome Francesco and Tanner!

Vivianne Schuijren

We have 3D scanned multiple of Vivianne's sculptures in order to scale them down and 3D print, she will use smaller versions for mold making and different material casting!

Back from the past

One of our clients asked us to recreate bust of his great-grandfather from 19th century. It was difficult since there was only one photo available but we were able to digitally sculpt his 3D effigy.

Full size Bust

3D printing small sculptures is relatively simple, what about big ones? To find out we decided to make a full size sculpture of one of the founders - Mariusz. It is A BIT MORE work but we can do it!